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Building Cleaning

After a construction project, the job site undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure cleanliness, organisation, and safety.

Services Include

  • Sweeping and vacuuming/mopping floors

  • Ensuring all lights are working and free of dust

  • Cleaning doorknobs and light switches

  • Dusting and cleaning windows, window sills, and window tracks

  • Removing evidence of paint drops or scuff marks on walls and floors

  • Removing trash

  • Cleaning doors and door frames

  • Dusting all shelves and counters

  • Cleaning inside appliances, cabinets, and drawers

  • Ensuring all cabinet hardware is clean and secure


Service Price

Our prices start at $80/per hour/per cleaner (excl GST).

Quotes for the building will be provided based on the premises' square footage.

 Fully Insured


 $2,000,000 in public liability insurance.

  Ethical and sustainable work practices


 Good Health and safety at work practices

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