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Moving Cleaning

Whether you are moving in or out of a house, we have got you covered when it comes to cleaning. We have an array of cleaning services to choose from.

Services Include

Living rooms, bedrooms, and offices:

  • All key surfaces cleaned

  • Floors cleaned

  • Skirting boards cleaned

  • Blinds cleaned

  • Mirrors cleaned

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Windows and sills cleaned

  • Wall marks cleaned

  • Ceiling fans and lights cleaned

  • Wardrobes, drawers, doors, and residual appliances cleaned

  • Light fixtures, light switches, and power points cleaned



  • All cupboards/cabinets cleaned

  • Stove top burners/hobs cleaned

  • Rangehood (filters and externals) cleaned

  • Backsplash cleaned

  • Wall marks cleaned

  • Dishwasher cleaned

  • Sinks and taps cleaned

  • All benches thoroughly cleaned


Bathrooms and laundries:

  • Tiles cleaned

  • Mold removed

  • Vanity (inside and out) cleaned

  • Sinks and taps cleaned

  • Shower cleaned

  • Cabinets (inside and out) cleaned

  • Ceiling cleaned

  • Wall marks cleaned

  • Mirrors cleaned

  • Toilet paper holder cleaned

  • Ceiling fans and skirting boards cleaned

  • Toilet bowl and all metal frames cleaned and polished


Service Price

The price varies depending on house size and the number of bathrooms.


Quotes for the cleaning will be provided based on the premises' square footage.

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